2018 ICSSB
2018 ICSSB
The 7th International Conference on Social Science and Business
August 7-9, 2018 Guam, USA







Keynote Speaker
Dr. Kirk Johnson
Professor of Sociology
University of Guam
Poverty, Wealth and the Tranquility of Nations: Exploring the foundations of material and spiritual wellbeing.
If humanity is to advance both materially and spiritually, we now find ourselves at a place in history when it is overwhelmingly evident that the very concept of prosperity demands a re-examination.We need to consider the path we are treading and honestly and critically consider the unsustainability of our current trajectory.There is no doubt that material means is an important element to the advancement of society, and achieving prosperity implies that all people should have access to such means.However, prosperity cannot simply be understood as the mere accumulation of personal wealth.Such an individualistic conception—bereft as it is of the values of spiritual civilization—inevitably places undue weight on indulging desires and tends to cultivate a love of luxury. To contribute to the advancement of material and spiritual civilization, material means need to be used for far higher purposes: to foster unity, to uplift and edify the life of society, and to facilitate access to knowledge for all people, to name but a few. This Keynote Speech will explore the concept of material and spiritual wellbeing and in so doing will recast the meaning and object of prosperity.

Conference Venue
Hyatt Regency Guam
Address: 1155 Pale San Vitores Road Tumon, Guam, Micronesia, 96913-4206
Tel: +1 671 647 1234
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