2018 ICSSB

The 7th International Conference on Social Science and Business

August 7-9, 2018   Guam, USA

Keynote Speaker (1)

Dr. Kirk Johnson

Professor of Sociology

University of Guam

Introduction of Dr. Sergei Gorlatch

Dr. Kirk Johnson was raised for most of his childhood in the mountains of Western India where he attended an International Baha’i School with students from over 34 different countries. This experience had a profound and indelible impact on his life, world-view, and the course of his future career. He returned to the United States for University at the age of 17 and found himself drawn to the social sciences while an undergraduate at Fort Hays State University in Kansas.  After his earning his Baccalaureate Degree, he moved to Ohio University where he earned two Master’s Degrees in Sociology and in International Development. Dr. Johnson’s doctoral research while at McGill University in Montreal Canada took him back to the mountains of his youth where he explored the influence of television on the lives of villagers in India.

He then moved to the Pacific, where he has worked at the University of Guam as a professor of Sociology for the past two decades. Dr. Johnson has served as Director of the Bali Field School, a community development project, since 2004, providing students an opportunity to explore, through a cross-cultural lens, the dynamics between tradition and modernity, globalization and the survival of indigenous peoples and cultures, and highlights the complexity of social change in the 21st century. His work and service has taken him throughout the Pacific to island nations including Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa, Kiribati, Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands, and New Zealand. His work in Asia has been primarily in India and Indonesia.

He has published numerous books and journal articles, given over thirty conference presentations around the world focusing on research in the areas of development and social change, religion and education, human ecology and sustainability. Dr. Johnson’s ongoing work in the Pacific Asia region has allowed him to learn firsthand about the processes of community development and capacity building at the grassroots in many different settings. To learn more about his work and his research please visit his webpage at the University of Guam: https://www.uog.edu/directory/johnson-kirk


Poverty, Wealth and the Tranquility of Nations: Exploring the foundations of material and spiritual wellbeing.


If humanity is to advance both materially and spiritually, we now find ourselves at a place in history when it is overwhelmingly evident that the very concept of prosperity demands a re-examination.  We need to consider the path we are treading and honestly and critically consider the unsustainability of our current trajectory.  There is no doubt that material means is an important element to the advancement of society, and achieving prosperity implies that all people should have access to such means.  However, prosperity cannot simply be understood as the mere accumulation of personal wealth.  Such an individualistic conception—bereft as it is of the values of spiritual civilization—inevitably places undue weight on indulging desires and tends to cultivate a love of luxury. To contribute to the advancement of material and spiritual civilization, material means need to be used for far higher purposes: to foster unity, to uplift and edify the life of society, and to facilitate access to knowledge for all people, to name but a few. This Keynote Speech will explore the concept of material and spiritual wellbeing and in so doing will recast the meaning and object of prosperity.

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Hyatt Regency Guam

Address: 1155 Pale San Vitores Road Tumon, Guam, Micronesia, 96913-4206

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