Keynote Speaker


Prof. Bob Barrett

American Public University

Introduction of  Dr. Bob Barrett

Dr. Bob Barrett is a Full Professor in the School of Business at the American Public University.  He has an Ed.D. in the field of Human Resource Development from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. He has been teaching online for the past eighteen years, as well as being a teacher/trainer, course developer, and state licensed business educator. His research interests include online learning, disability, teacher training, knowledge management, forensic human resource development methodology and analysis, and intellectual capital.  He has spoken extensively in Europe, South America, and Asia on online learning, knowledge management, and intellectual capital. Also, he has written for several international publications, as well as served as a reviewer for several international publications.  Finally, he has a strong interest in helping to build bridges for more cultural awareness and education to help change the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Keynote title: Challenge 2020:  Educators United for MICI2 Implementation – The Synergy of the Teaching Profession


Time for a change, and change happens with educators.  We are innovators, creators, change agents, facilitators, and finally the ultimate teaching resource to help enable, motivate, and support adult learners who want to make a change not only in their lives – but with others.  Yes, adult leaders do not return back to education just for one purpose only, but for a variety of reasons.  As Malcom Knowles (1980) noted that adults return back to education for a variety of reasons, especially to help better themselves and others.  Therefore, we as educators and leaders need to recognize an urgent need to add more synergy to the teaching profession and reclaim our rightful spot as the subject-matter experts in the creation, development, and inspiration of better business, political, strategic, social, and ethical leaders for today and tomorrow.  It is easy to plan for just today’s lesson plan, but can one expect that daily lesson plans will affect the needed changes for tomorrow?  Consequently, we can no longer sit back and expect learning to just happen, but rather we need to address the current and future challenges, issues, and expectations of all stakeholders to help serve as an example to all that we care and understand what “needs to happen” to make a better tomorrow for everyone.  We need to become the “New Shepherds of Educational Change” and show leaders in all of our countries that education can make change happen and create our new world leaders.  Further, we are the leaders, teachers, facilitators, mentors, and coaches of the future – and we are able, willing, and ready to set the new parameters and design the new strategic plans for changes to be created, implemented, and evaluated for more change.  During this presentation, the audience will learn more about the MICI2 Model for Change.  The MICI2 Models stands for: M – Motivation, I – Innovation, C – Creativity, and I – Implementation (Phase 2). We can learn from each other, if we are more open-minded and interact with our international colleagues in terms of academic discourse, leadership, and scholarship.  We are the “Guardians of the Future”.  As we all serve many roles and wear many different hats, we need to keep in mind that our learners look to our guidance and wisdom to help them formulate and develop their own skills and knowledge.  We have the chance to make an even more historical and memorable change for all learners, but this opportunity lies within each of us and whether we are up for a good challenge to demonstrate that teachers make learning and change happen – despite many obstacles, challenges, and issues.